Monday, September 24, 2018

Why my thr journey?

About one year ago, on September 12, 2017 I learned that Derek Yach had launched the Foundation for a Smoke Free World, financed by a yearly contribution of $80 million by ... Philip Morris International. Derek was immediately labeled by many as an infamous traitor to the cause of tobacco control he had previously been one of the most prominent advocate. I did not join this crowd (that included many people I had known for years) as I could not believe for one moment Derek had not made this decision for good reasons and I certainly would not start stoning him without giving a chance to explain and try. As he asked for suggestions I submitted a few and attended in February 2018 in Bethesda a meeting of people having made proposals for the Foundation. I finally decided on June 18, to join the Foundation as a staff member, to help organize an online community. 
I resigned from this position on January 2nd 2019.
I'll try to keep producing, THR-rendezvous and write this blog.
The content of my blogs and the views expressed are strictly my own.

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