Friday, October 5, 2018

FCA bulletins from COP8

Find below the links to the daily bulletins produced by FCA during COP8 (pdf format) with a few comments from my part. Thanks a lot to FCA for communicating about what happened.

Day 1 - October 1st
I am shocked by the decision to prevent the media to 'observe' the sessions because their presence could relay the influence of the tobacco industry (see page 3 with a headline about... transparency!  ). How could just being present constitute an undue influence? Isn't that Orwellian that sessions closed to the public and the media are qualified as 'open' in the COP vocabulary?
Day 2 - October 2nd
See page 5 a short analysis of tobacco control programs in Africa. I'll keep point 3: "Secure sustainable domestic financing for tobacco control". I remember when the European Bureau of the WHO had suggested that 1% of tobacco taxes be affected to tobacco control. Can you look up what the budgets are? Are those data even collected?
Laurent Huber on page 6 writes about a human right to health. How does he reconcile this position with prohibiting smokers who want to switch from combustibles to electronic cigarettes, the right to do so?
On page 8, a report about how BAT opposes tobacco control legislation in Kenya in court and also by inviting legislators in luxurious hotels although apparently, this was not enough to prevent a majority of them to pass a new law. The article also reminds us that received an award as 'best employer' in Kenya.
Day 3 - October 3rd
This issue starts with the question 'Have you seen this delegate?" It implies that some delegates, in fact, represent the interest of the tobacco industry. Unfortunately, the article does not provide any name of any delegate or any country. Maybe if the media were allowed to report about what is happening they would be able to be a bit more precise? They are a bit on page 8 of the Day 4 Bulletin where the dirty ashtray is awarded to Guatemala and Honduras for attempting to derail the implementation of the FCTC.
On page 4, Mark Hurley of CTFK, presents the creation of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World as 'Big Tobacco latest Trick". In the end, he gives a link to the CTFK's page devoted to the Foundation after having criticized the report Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction. If you have questions about the Foundation or suggestions, why don't you send them to be discussed at the stakeholders meeting planned in London on November 13?
Day 4 - October 4
On page 1, Cassandra Morris presents the debate about Electronic cigarettes as 'inconclusive'. Her recommandation is to stop spending time on this issue. Is that realistic?
"Given that Parties — along with researchers, civil society, and policy makers — have staunchly held but divergent views, we recommend that Parties should refrain from engaging in lengthy and inconclusive discussion."
On page 5, an article about the importance of taking into account gender in tobacco control in Africa (in French). and on page 6, thoughts about how to help tobacco farmers switch to other crops.
Day 5 - October 5
On page 2 a piece about article 14 and offering help to quit. I think it's the only time I see cessation mentioned. Unfortunately "new" alternative to combustibles to deliver nicotine are not mentioned.

On page 8, an article about Africa and tobacco taxes.

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