Friday, December 7, 2018

Index of posts for December 2018

December 14: Story of a teen addicted to Juul in the NYT    USA
December 13:  Teen vaping in Colorado USA
December 12: UK Government endorses e-cigs report   UK
December 11: Cycles for cigarettes in Turkey , The Guardian,  Turkey
December 10: Helen Redmond's article in Filter about mental health and vaping USA
December 9: Surgeon General Jerome Adams on twitter and Clive Bates . USA
December 8: Teen vaping in Canada has taken a "worrisome" turn   Canada
December 7:
December 6: Opinion, protect teens or save lives  Maine, USA
December 5: Australian researchers oppose funding from FSFW  Australia
December 5: How to tackle lung cancer in the EU  EU
December 4: Arizona students vape more (but no detailed data provided and alcohol use still higher) USA
December 3: Fatwa against e-cigs (and shisha) in Jordan
December 3: Interview of Carmine Canino by Philippe Poirson about positive changes in Italy (in French)     Italy
December 1: About the new tobacco law project in Switzerland, by Philippe Poirson (in French)   Switzerland

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