Thursday, January 10, 2019

Best stories for the week starting January 7 ending January 12

January 12:  Un article sur l'e-cigarette en Belgique dans le journal Moustique, signalé par Jacques Le Houezec sur Facebook, and an opinion piece in The new York Times, by Kevin Roose, Juul's convenient smokescreen.

January 11: A French Facebook group, Je ne fume plus,  that helped thousands to quit smoking (often by switching to vaping) in Le Télégramme de Brest  

January 10: Why I canceled my membership to the Australian Medical Association, by Colin Mendelsohn

January 9, 2019: Public Health France ED approves of e-cigs as first cessation tool in a radio interview, as reported by JY Nau (in French)
Also positive report (PDF) from the Conseil Economique Social et Environnemental, et la video signalée par vapoteurs . net (merci).

January 8, 2019: Opposite Domi's and Angelica's stories, this article by Joanna for GQ UK about her complete addiction to Juul and the risks for teens.
Juul lanuches its new ad campaign "Make the switch" (source techcrunch)

January 7, 2019: Found via twitter, the blog of Domi Niessen, in French. She was a COPD patient who died in December but vaping helped her to quit and to live several years longer. The blog puts together the monthly text she wrote during the 56 months she vaped.

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